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The little things

6 Mar

There are no pictures to share today, just words. There hasn’t been a lot of time for photos lately (or maybe there has, but I’m not sly enough to recognize the moments when they come). What there has been is a lot of six day work weeks. I don’t work in a salt mine, or anything of the sort, but a six day work week is mentally taxing and sometimes, in the few quiet moments, your brain defaults to a shadowy place where you wish it wouldn’t go. I’ve been trying to enjoy peaceful moments as they wander in and out of my day and wanted to list them here as a tiny monument to those little good things in life.

  1. I’m savoring the taste of my coffee right now. I think little fairies came in my house and swapped out my coffee last night, because I have never made coffee that tastes this good. Or perhaps I just really appreciate it this morning. 
  2. I have six windows in my office, and sunlight is streaming through all of them.
  3. I  rediscovered my favorite childhood candy and it is just as good as I remember it.
  4. I found a pretty new planner on clearance and it is amazing! There’s room of three times as many lists as my old one!
  5. There was time at work this weekend–between manic bursts of activity–to attempt embroidery. I started the day with the basic materials and no idea what I was doing and ended the day with a near-complete project that I’m not embarrassed of!

Two big things I’m grateful for are my husband’s new job (he started Monday) and my sister-in-law’s big interview. She’s out of town to interview for three days and, whatever the outcome, I am so proud of her. There are so many changes on the horizon right now that it seems a bit frightening. I don’t respond well to uncertainty–which is one of my greatest flaws, I think–but I’m optimistic for the future.

And so are some of my musings. I hope all of you are well!


Homemade Valentines

19 Feb

Garrett the Husband decided to make me some homemade valentines this year. I have a fondness for those cheesy, almost nonsensical vintage ones, with the puns that don’t really mean anything. And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s hilarious nonsense. I’m pretty sure he could make a living at it if someone would let him, so I’m sharing these in case any of you have a job opening for a Hilarious Nonsense Contributor or Director of Non Sequiturs. Or, you know, if you just need a chuckle. valentinesI’ve been on a quilt hiatus due to some six day work weeks and a bit of oral surgery, but I do have a few new squares to share. More to come later!

Festivus Bandwagon

20 Dec

I don’t hop on many bandwagons. I typically watch them drive past while I’m walking down Bland Lane in my sensible shoes on my way to the Boring Store. But every once in a while, there’s a bandwagon that catches my eye.

This time, it’s the Festivus bandwagon.  Festivus is a  season for giving (but not really), meeting new people, pop-culture references, and airing grievances. So, kinda like being with family! (Ba-dum-bum!)

I’m wearing my Festivus sweater today and sneaking around on other’s blogs. It’s been great to meet everyone!

Confidential to my giftee: If you made it here, you’ve probably figured it out!



12 Dec

Next week is the annual Theme Week at my office, which includes three days of ridiculous, themed outfits (and one day of competitive breakfast-making… and one day off).

We all had a chance to throw theme ideas in the hat and somehow two of mine were chosen this year (humblebrag). We have:

  • Sweater Day
  • Dress as your favorite holiday song day (not sure what I was thinking)
  • Dress as your own doppelganger day (my personal favorite)

I’ve been on a mission to throw an evil doppelganger party since college. It never panned out, so I was happy to try and shoehorn it in here at work. I have no shame. Of course, now that the time has come at last to don my evil goatee, I’m out of ideas. That’s partially because, while I know that my friends are dorky enough to get a Star Trek mirror universe joke, my coworkers aren’t quite as well-versed in all things nerd.

Do either of my readers have any sparkling ideas for any of these three categories? There is a trophy (i.e. dollar store tree topper) for the winner, so the stakes have never been higher.


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