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Sailboats of the Sky

14 May

Sometime last year, I looked over at my husband and said “Hot air balloons are the new owls. You heard it here first!” I think Past Maegan was pretty proud of herself for that proclamation (Past Maegan gets a little full of herself), but it does seem to be coming true. I see them on gift wrap, greeting cards, swimsuits, calendars, and so many other doodads and whatnots.

Even though both are still flying around today, owls and hot air balloons have a sort of yesteryear charm to them. In the case of the latter, there’s just something so lovely about flying around in a basket under a giant balloon. Also, maybe a bit terrifying.

Hot Air Balloons

1. Up, Up, and Away by Kayajoy, via Spoonflower

2. Couple Hot Air Balloon Card, via theadoration

3. Hot Air Balloon Garland by Claire, via youndheartslove

4. Hot Air Balloon Fabric, via marsearch

5. Retro Hot Air Balloons by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman, via studioFAB (also an adorable ModCloth dress)

6. Personalized Rubber Stamp by Kirsten, via hunnyscoots


Best & Brightest: Emerald City

4 Feb

There is probably a good reason why magazine editors think green is a curse on a magazine cover. (It’s true!)  Yet, I love green. Especially as spring peeks coquettishly around the corner. Granted, spring comes sooner for some than others–we’ll be picking daffodils before too long in these parts–but I think we’re all looking forward to the best parts of the season right now.

And, looking on the horizon, it seems like the design world is opening up to green after all. Pantone’s color of the year is Emerald.* At first, I wasn’t as excited at this announcement as I was last year’s, but lately I’ve seen a lot of great uses of Emerald and its cousins (kelly, mint, and seafoam) and I’ve come to appreciate for how fresh and surprising it can be.

In that spirit, I present: The Emerald City in Spring.Emerald City

  1. Love in Mint Green Water Bouquet by Amy Butler (Photo: trendysisters)
  2. Echino Spring Leaves by EtsukoFuruya (Photo: Tomodachikitty)
  3. Katie Jump Rope in Green Ribbon by Denyse Schmidt (Photo: Bolts and Yards Fabric)
  4. Hyperreal Garden Radiant Bouquet in Emerald by Art Gallery Fabrics (Photo: Taylor Jayne Fabric)
  5. Hello Pilgrim Leaf Scatter in Aqua by Lizzie House (Photo: Sew Fresh Fabrics)
  6. Simply Color Mod Blossoms in Grey by V and Co. (Photo: BeeYourself Fabrics)

*If you haven’t heard of Pantone, they’re the company who makes sure that every variation of every shade of every color is standardized. So, for example, when a fabric designer prints samples of their new fabric line, Pantone can make sure that the shade of pink the designer is looking at is the same as the one the printer sees. More or less.

Best and Brightest: Hand Drawn Design

9 Jan

So many of my favorite fabric designs are those that have a hand-drawn look to them. Many designers, such as Heather Ross, start their fabric designs with pencil on paper. It results in a lovely, organic design that has a surprisingly fresh finish. Here are a handful of my favorites:

HandDrawn Fabric

1. Out to Sea in Pirate Girls by SarahJane (Photo: BelloBerry Fabrics)

2. The Ghastlies Gallery by Alexander Henry (Photo: The StockRoom)

3. Constellations by Lizzy House (Photo: True Up)

4. Far, Far Away Unicorn by Heather Ross (Photo: Clay Deal)

5. Night Shade Apothecary by Tula Pink (Photo: VooDoo Rabbit)

6. City Love by Alexander Henry (Photo: Spice Berry Cottage)

A Forest of Fabric

26 Nov

A friend made my week yesterday when she asked how much I would charge to make her a quilt. I know just how much I don’t know about making quilts, and my craftsmanship leaves a lot to be desired, but I was honored nonetheless. Since she has taken up painting in the last year, I thought a trade might be a great way to share our new-found art skills with one another. Much of her artwork is beautifully themed on trees, so that is the theme of our swap. I’ve been scouring the web for fabric featuring trees and thought I’d share the early results. Each of these fabrics are fairly different in style, and some are more literal than others, but I’m still very open in the style of this woodland woven quilt, so who knows what the end result will be!

Woodland Wovens

1. Florine in Brass from Echo by Lotta Jansdotter (Photo from A Content Life)

2. Snow White in Yellow from Far, Far Away III by Heather Ross (Photo from Mountain of the Dragon)

3. Sparrows in Plum from Aviary 2  by Joel Dewberry (Photo by Silver Spoon Baby Co.)

4. Farmstead in Petal from Madrona Road by Michael Miller (Photo by Fat Quarter Shop)

5. Whispering Trees in Poppy from Bella by Lotta Jansdotter (Photo by Quiltvine)

6. Windy Day in Aqua from Back Yard Baby by Michael Miller (Photo by Allegro Fabrics)

Creature Feature

22 Oct

I’ve haven’t worn many animal prints, but when I see a dress (or skirt) with a creature on it, I wants it. Here, I’ve picked out just a few frocks that feature frolicking felines, foxes, and feathered friends (also chipmunks, but that doesn’t start with “f.”)

1. Camille Printed Dress by Dear Creatures

2. Fox and the Pound Dress

3. Feline Karma Dress (worn here)

4. Coincidence and Chance Drop Waist Dress

5. Avian Enchantment Dress

6. The Greatest Dress of Owl

Honorable Mention: Deer Oh Deer Shift Dress

I wanted to brooch the topic

12 Oct

I happened upon some adorable brooches while I was working on my last post and couldn’t resist sharing them with you!

1. Typewriter Wood Brooch

2. “The Envy of the Office” Typewriter Ribbon Pin

3. Clickity Clack Brooch

4. Just my Type Brooch

5. Vintage Rhinestone Brooch

6. Retro Typewriter Pin


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