Best & Brightest: Emerald City

4 Feb

There is probably a good reason why magazine editors think green is a curse on a magazine cover. (It’s true!)  Yet, I love green. Especially as spring peeks coquettishly around the corner. Granted, spring comes sooner for some than others–we’ll be picking daffodils before too long in these parts–but I think we’re all looking forward to the best parts of the season right now.

And, looking on the horizon, it seems like the design world is opening up to green after all. Pantone’s color of the year is Emerald.* At first, I wasn’t as excited at this announcement as I was last year’s, but lately I’ve seen a lot of great uses of Emerald and its cousins (kelly, mint, and seafoam) and I’ve come to appreciate for how fresh and surprising it can be.

In that spirit, I present: The Emerald City in Spring.Emerald City

  1. Love in Mint Green Water Bouquet by Amy Butler (Photo: trendysisters)
  2. Echino Spring Leaves by EtsukoFuruya (Photo: Tomodachikitty)
  3. Katie Jump Rope in Green Ribbon by Denyse Schmidt (Photo: Bolts and Yards Fabric)
  4. Hyperreal Garden Radiant Bouquet in Emerald by Art Gallery Fabrics (Photo: Taylor Jayne Fabric)
  5. Hello Pilgrim Leaf Scatter in Aqua by Lizzie House (Photo: Sew Fresh Fabrics)
  6. Simply Color Mod Blossoms in Grey by V and Co. (Photo: BeeYourself Fabrics)

*If you haven’t heard of Pantone, they’re the company who makes sure that every variation of every shade of every color is standardized. So, for example, when a fabric designer prints samples of their new fabric line, Pantone can make sure that the shade of pink the designer is looking at is the same as the one the printer sees. More or less.


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